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Variable Time Dollar

Variable Time Dollar (VTD) an algorithmic, dynamic supply stablecoin with variable epoch lengths based on the change in token supply.

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The Problem

Empty Set Dollar’s (ESD’s) 8 hour epochs generate low returns but longer expansion periods. Meanwhile, Dynamic Set Dollar’s (DSD’s) 2 hour epochs yield high returns by expanding the supply too quickly which creates massive selling pressure and short expansion periods.

The Solution

VTD is the first algorithmic stablecoin with dynamic supply that utilizes a range of 2-6 hour epochs based on momentum of the change in token supply. This solution solves the issues with ESD and DSD (and all their related forks that have flooded the market) by maintaining the benefits of long and short epochs while minimizing the downsides by throttling up and down the speed of supply expansion or contraction.

Anti-bot Advance Function:

To make it more fair for the community to call the Advance function, the VTD team has added a reverse dutch auction, which lets the market price the reward. The advance reward starts at 1 VTD, and increases 1 per every 5 seconds. The user willing to bid the lowest will win the advance.

Advance Function Built Into the UI and Fair Launch:

VTD doesn’t believe that only the Team or Bots should be allowed to claim the Advance Rewards which is why we’re the first project to build the Advance function into the UI so anyone from the community can call it. With this feature anyone can see when the next Epoch is (remember our Epoch times are variable) and decide if it’s worth risking the gas to win the Advance Rewards lottery. VTD will have a fair launch with zero pre-mining. Even the Team needs to compete with the community to win the Advance Rewards.

Vote For Your Favorite Uniswap Liquidity Pair:

VTD will implement multiple pegs soon. During the first phase VTD will be paired with DSD on uniswap to increase adoption and market penetration. VTD is the first stablecoin to be pegged to another algorithmic stablecoin. VTD will let the community vote on which liquidity pair it prefers: DSD, ESD, USDC, USDT or even Wrapped BTC? Perhaps we add more than one rewarded liquidity pair later? The community will decide.

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How we stack up

Hours Per Epoch Dynamic between 2-6 hours 2 Hours 8 Hours
APY During Expansion High but dynamic High Low
Expansion Periods Middle Short Long
Debt Cycle Medium Longer Shorter
Dao Reward Split 70%/30% 60%/40% 80%/20%
Codebase Fork of DSD w/ Momentum based epoch timing and Bot protection Fork of ESD New and Audited
Governance Rapid proposals, changable pegs. Fast Conservative

To Recap

As VTD comes out of a debt cycle and into expansion, it would likely start at shorter epoch periods (such as 2 hours per epoch since it was in a debt cycle) and expand the supply as fast as DSD. But unlike DSD, VTD’s variable epoch times chosen by the DAO would slow down the token supply growth by lengthening the epoch hours (up to 6 hours per epoch) over time, similar to what the Federal Reserve does in periods of strong economic growth. In a supply contraction cycle, the epoch period would move in the opposite direction.
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